The Twin-Browser Jentis technology gives you access to run JavaScript functions on your Jentis server. This gives you access to run functions within the runtime of a Twin-User, such as storing information on local storage or apply complex logic or processing with the full capability of JavaScript. As the backbone for the Twin is NodeJS.

Functions apply further logic to customize data to your use cases. These functions can be referenced in Tags, Triggers or Tracker objects.

Function Creation Process

Every function object has the following parameters:

  • Name: This is the value that will appear in the selection in a Tag configuration, here you should use a descriptive name.

  • ID: This is a technical reference that can be used to reference a function explicitly as this ID is unique per JTM account.

  • Description: Feel free to give your Function a description to later better understand the motivation to this application.

  • Code: This is the actual function code that you will define.

As a function is referenced in a Tag, Trigger or Tracker all the code from the “Javascript Code” input field is executed. Make sure to use the following basic syntax, as any function must return a value.

  return "";