JENTIS functions by collecting data from the client side or in other words from the visitor's browser.

In order to do so, there are various methods of collecting data.

  • Bridge tracking
  • Evaluation tracking
  • Function tracking

Data orchestration

Once data has been collected with the help of JENTIS, all of it can be distributed and orchestrated in accordance to your needs.

Data can for instance be shared with:

  • Analysis tools (ex. GA, Matomo) 
  • Advertising tools 
  • Data storage
  • CDPs

Data storage

Knowing the importance of data, especially of raw data, we offer customers the possibility to access their raw data.  

Please find further information for the here, including available options for the data storage and required server dimensions. 


After having captured, orchestrated and stored the data, the data can further be used for machine learning.

More information here: machine learning

Extension development

After further enriching the data collected with JENTIS, there are several ways to use the new insights. Ranging from personalization to increasing the efficiency of your marketing tools.


We are well aware of the importance of security of such valuable data. Therefore, please find more information on our security guidelines, server locations, load management and backup concepts here.