This setup method is the usual method to provide JENTIS with the necessary data.

After the basic setup, JENTIS will track a lot of data independently and send it to the TWIN browser. Some additional data must be transferred manually. Here you can find out what options you have to transfer such data.


The basic syntax of tracking something to JENTIS is to push to an predefined array.

	"track"			: "<trackcommand>",
	"prop-1"		: "<prop-1-value>",
	"prop-2"		: "<prop-2-value>",
	"prop-n"		: "<prop-n-value>"

You must use the function push to add to the data array.

If you do not change the base tracking code (Add JENTIS Tracking to your site) the name of the tracking object is "_jts".

The first key is a special one: "track". It defines the trackingcommand like pageview, event, sale, ...

All the other keys of the tracking object are properties which depends on the trackingcommand you want to track.

Tracking dependencies 

There are different dependencies on tracking commands.

Commands which record data that are related to another command, the data function must take place before the main function.


  • Page variable before Pageview

  • Event variable before event

  • Product before Add2Cart


    "track"     : "var",
	"type"		: "pageview",
    "key"       : "pagetype",
    "value"     : "landingpage"
    "track"     : "pageview"

Data submit 

There are several ways of starting the data sending to the server.

Auto Sending

There are two track commands which send directly all previously collected data to the server.

  • pageview

  • event

Use the submit command

Everytime you are ready with send some data to the server, you should call the command submit. With this command you start the http(s) network stream to transmit the data to the JENTIS System.

All other tracking commands has to be executed before the submit command.


Use the Array second parameter

By handover true as second parameter while pushing something to the array, alle the data which are collected will be send to the server.

    "track"       :"productview",
    "productid"   :"1234",

Data Reset

If your page is a "Single-Page-Application" you should call the following function if you change the page.


See as next stept the chapter: Tracking reference