List of all vendors

By navigating to “vendors” you will see of currently all installed vendors.

On the top right corner of each vendor you see a green or red light.

  • Green means the vendor is active at least for one account

  • Red means the vendor is inactive.

At the bottom of the vendor box you will find 3 links:

  • Delete the vendor

  • Connect the vendor to one ore more accounts.

  • Edit the basic data of the vendor.

Create a vendor

Vendor Connection to Tag Manager

As you know by reading the Basic concept (Read first) every time when you setup a new tool at the JENTIS Tag Manager, a regarding vendor is added at your JENTIS Consent Manager automatically. You can edit the data of these vendors as well as the data of vendors you added by your self, but all data are set by default by the JENTIS Tag Manager.

Creating a Vendor by your self

If you use tools to collect or process data, you need a consent for, and the tools are not adminstrated via the JENTIS Tag Manager, you must setup the regarding vendor by your self. To do so navigate to “vendors” and click to the plus-button at the bottom right. You will see an empty fomular, ready to get your vendor data entered.

Edit the data of a vendor

Edit the basic data of a vendor

To edit the basic data of a vendor, navigate to the list of vendors by click to “vendors” click to the edit link of one vendor.

At the top of the page you will find a information on orange background about which of your Accounts will be effected by this edit action.

At the formular below you can edit the following data.





Use this three textboxes for the name and address of the vendor.

Google Ireland Limited
Google Building Gordon House, 4 Barrow St
Dublin, D04 E5W5, Irland 


The purpose regarding to the legal situation in your country, for example GDPR. Regarding to the legal situation JENTIS uses the List of existing purposes of the TCF 2.0 framework

personalized advertising


The justification regarding to your legal reason why you as controller of the data are allowed to collect and/or process the data of the visitor. JENTIS is using the List of possible justifications regarding to GDPR.



Write a description of your vendor, and all needed information regarding to your legal situation.


Don't forget to click to the save button to save the data of your vendor.

Activate a vendor to one ore more accounts

Navigate to the list of vendors. Click the middle icon of the bottom of a vendor box (Connect Icon) to connect one ore more account to this vendor.

Click to these accounts you want to connect to the vendor. The activated accounts have a blue background.

Don’t forget to click to the save button to save your changes.

Multi Account Edit Modus

JENTIS stores the vendor data for each account extra. That means you can store different vendor data per each account (for example different languages or different addresses).

If you have selected more than one account at the global account selection (very top of the page), your see the Multi Account Edit Mode. That means you can edit the vendor data for more than just one account.

At the multi account edit modus you have for each textbox an addinionally information box at the bottom of the textbox and no values a showen at the textboxes.

If you entering new data to a textbox, the information box will change to red.

That means, your data won’t be saved, as long as you do not confirm the new data by checking the checkbox at the very right in the information box.

If you confirm the change by checking the checkbox, the information box will switch to orange, and the new data will be stored after clicking the save button.

If you have changed and confirmed some data of the vendor for more than one account and you have clicked the save button, you will see an overview about your changes:

You have to confirm a second time your wish to store the changes by clicking the save button.

Delete a vendor

To delete a vendor, navigate to the list of vendors and click the delete button at the bottom left position at a vendor box.