Navigate to “Consents” and you will find a simple search box to handle a consentID.

You should get the ConsentID from the visitor who makes a legal request. Because of legal compliancy you are not allowed to list all existing given or not given consents. Therefore you are just allowed to search for a consent if you know the regarding consentid.

After clicking the “Search” button you will get the information about the consent if in the JENTIS Consent database exists a consent with this consentID.

Because the visitor can change his/her consent as often as he/she wants, it could be that you will find more than one consent setting entry. For each setting entry the following information are showen to you:

  • Consent-ID as described

  • Date when the visitor gave the consent

  • Vendor-Consent: Information about which of your vendors got an consent (green) and which vendors got now consent (red).