Consent Bars

Because of server-site-tracking the JENTIS system must know at any time about the consent situation of the current user. Therefore two concepts of how to communicate the consent situation to JENTIS.

  • Use the JENTIS integrated Consent Management to create a consentbar fully automatically.

    • You can use the JENTIS Consentbar

    • You can crate your own consentbar based on the JENTIS Consentbar, which is ready to copy as open source.

  • Use an external Consentbar, which is supported by JENTIS. Then you have to administrate the vendors two times. Once at JENTIS and once at the external Consent Management System.


As described, on both scenarios, you must administrate your vendors at the JENTIS Consent Manager. You must care about 2 different types of vendors.

  • The vendors is a tool which is installed via JENTIS Tag Manager. In this case you will see that the regarding vendor data are automatically installed in your JENTIS Consent Manager, so you don't have to do anything.

  • The vendor regards to a tool which tracking is administrated outside of JENTIS, then you must create a manual vendor and fill the vendor data by your self.